An Amazing Way to Start Our New Family


New parents with baby in hospital“My husband, Aaron, and I gave birth to our baby boy, Owen, on March 2nd at GRHS. When we got home, we reflected on our delivery and stay experience at GRHS so many times and agreed that it was a 100% positive experience. We were so happy and impressed by the care we received, the beautiful new facility, and just by the staff in general.

I had been seeing Dr. Campbell for my prenatal care and was looking forward to having her deliver our son. Unfortunately, she was due to be out of town on our due date and of course, that was the day Owen decided to come. Over the course of our delivery and stay, we were able to meet and work with Dr. Mellgren, Dr. Syverson, and Dr. Dahlke, as well as all of the nurses on shift during our stay, Annie for my epidural, and Quinn for a lactation consult. Each one of them made us feel so comfortable and grateful to have met them. While it was disappointing to not have Dr. Campbell, we thought it was so neat that we got to connect with so many GRHS professionals in such a positive way.

Dr. Mellgren was so friendly and took the time to introduce himself and touch base with us even though it was apparent that I wouldn’t be delivering before his shift was over.

Dr. Syverson was a great match for us as our delivery doctor – she was so calm, down-to-earth, and she gave me the ability to carve my own path for delivery while offering great advice.

Annie made me feel incredibly comfortable both physically and mentally when she administered my epidural – she has such a calming presence. She also took the time to come back and adjust my epidural later that night when I’m sure she would have been happily sleeping otherwise!

Dr. Dahlke came to check on us the days after delivery. She was very thorough with both mine and Owen’s care and made us feel at ease at a time when everything was new to us. We will continue to have Dr. Dahlke care for Owen. I feel so confident in her care and love that she has known him since day one.

Quinn was and continues to be a great resource for breastfeeding. Breastfeeding was entirely new to me and while I was comfortable taking on the challenge, I definitely felt a bit like a deer in the headlights when the time came to feed for the first time. Quinn made it feel so simple and Owen really responded well to her help.

Aaron and I will continue to share our happy and grateful review of GRHS with anyone we can and most importantly, really wanted to share that appreciation with the staff at GRHS. What an amazing way to start our new life as a little family!”

– Justine L., Starbuck

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