Hospice Spiritual Care Coordinator

Glacial Ridge Homecare and Hospice is seeking a part-time Hospice Spiritual Care Coordinator to provide each Hospice client/family spiritual care and counseling.

(This position could be combined with the part-time Hospice Medical Social Worker position if qualified.)

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Develop and implement a religious/spiritual plan of care that includes spiritual and religious assessments for client/family/significant other.
  • Offers and provides pastoral care and counsel
  • Function as a liaison, making community connections with religious professionals who can offer additional resources to the patient and family.
  • Works directly with and is part of the interdisciplinary team that works towards the holistic well-being of all.
  • Act as a resource to the client’s religious and spiritual concerns and spiritual pain.

Standard of Spiritual Care

  • As part of their education, the Spiritual Care Coordinator will have studied many religions, cultures, and ways of being spiritual.
  • The SCC is trained to offer a ministry of presence to the patient and family wherever they are at in their spiritual journey at end-of-life.
    • Sometimes the response includes an appropriate religious ritual or prayer.
    • Sometimes the response is spiritual affirmation but not religious and other times it is neither spiritual nor religious.
    • This is not intended to replace the person’s personal clergy or belief practices.
    • The SCC can offer spiritual support, guidance, or comfort to those who have no formal connection and/or can be a liaison to an established church home for those who have a support system in place.
  • The coordinator also provides comfort and support for family and other team members.


  • Bachelor’s degree in theology or related field.
  • 1 to 3 years of active ministry in church or healthcare setting.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Theological understanding and respect towards all faith expressions.
  • Ability to read and communicate effectively.
  • Strong written and verbal skills.
  • Basic computer knowledge.
  • Decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Team building.

Performance Standards

  • Must be able to support the emotional well-being of the client/family.
  • Must adhere to HIPAA confidentiality standards.
  • Must adhere to the Keys to Heartfelt Care.
  • Must receive an annual influenza vaccine.
  • Must be able to perform the physical requirements of the position.


  • Part-Time

How to Apply

  • Apply Online
  • Download, print, and mail completed application or resume to: Jenna Janu, HR Manager, 10 Fourth Ave SE, Glenwood, MN 56334

GRHS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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