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Your health and safety is our number one priority—it’s at the forefront of everything we do. From the extra measures we take to protect you from COVID-19 at our clinics, hospital, and ER to continuing to provide essential care for ongoing healthcare concerns, we want you to receive the care you need.

While some may still be tempted to avoid visits at the clinics or going to the ER in an emergency, going to the doctor for healthcare concerns is as essential as getting groceries and picking up medications. That’s why we continue to follow all CDC recommendations for providing care in clean, safe environments.

Some may be tempted to try and manage the onset of illness at home. Managing a chronic condition or new illness can be tricky or even dangerous. Sometimes it works out and sometimes a virtual clinic visit will suffice, but an illness or chronic condition can quickly become worse and require extensive medical treatment, such as a trip to the emergency room and/or hospitalization. Examples include a variety of conditions ranging anywhere from diabetes management to pacemaker checks, and pneumonia to urinary tract infections (UTI).

At Glacial Ridge, our clinics are safe places to receive essential care, such as a follow-up for chronic conditions, maternity care, well-child and teen check-ups, adult booster vaccines, DOT exams, referrals for therapy services, and more.

Masks are mandatory, every exam room is completely sanitized between appointments, waiting room chairs are spaced out for proper social distancing, and frequently touched surfaces such as handrails and doors are wiped down often throughout the day. For an added layer of protection, electrostatic sanitizing sprayers are used in all areas daily. Much like a statically charged balloon, the disinfectant particles spread out and adhere to all surfaces, ensuring the hard-to-reach areas are sanitized. It is a very safe method of disinfecting and dries within 10 minutes.

Don’t put off receiving the high-quality, heartfelt care you need.

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