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GRHS Accepting Home Oxygen Concentrator Donations

Oxygen and supplies – canisters, concentrators, tubing, and masks – are sometimes difficult to purchase due to the uncertain supply chain during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, Glacial Ridge is proactively asking the community for help. While most people typically rent a home oxygen concentrator, some may have purchased it and no longer want to hang on to it. If you have a home oxygen concentrator (new within the past ten years) and it’s no longer needed, or in storage, Glacial Ridge Hospital is accepting donations. Donations of home oxygen concentrators can be dropped off with receptionists at the hospital or clinics during business hours.

Agility, a medical equipment company, will inspect them to certify they are in working order, sanitized, and fit for patient use in case they are needed.

Glacial Ridge Health System is doing well with PPE supplies. The staff has appropriately been using and conserving existing PPE resources.

Please Bring Insurance Card and Driver's License/State ID