Swing Bed


Swing Bed provides an extended care option for individuals who are recovering from an injury or illness and are not yet able to care for themselves at home. Glacial Ridge Health System is committed to helping patients focus on healing and getting stronger so they can regain their independence and return home.

Why Swing Bed?

Our services provide care to patients who have situations such as:

  • Recovering from joint replacement or other types of surgery such as vascular or abdominal
  • Recovering from a stroke or an accident
  • Repeated hospitalizations
  • Wounds which are not healing or need special care

Other individuals may need assistance with:

  • Pain Management
  • Nutritional Therapy

Even if you were transferred and treated or had surgery at another facility, you can request to return to Glacial Ridge Hospital for your continued recovery.

Our Services

Patients are provided an individualized care program based on thorough evaluations and their specific needs. Our caring team is comprised of registered nurses, physicians, dietary educators, pharmacists, social services, respiratory therapist, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and a wound care specialist. They work together to provide quality care and the resources you need to recover. Our staff is there every step of the way to provide you the heartfelt care you expect from us.


Swing Bed is a positive, intermediate step between acute care and home, often covered by Medicare and private insurance.