CDC COVID-19 vaccination card

How to Obtain Documentation of COVID-19 and Other Vaccinations

UPDATED 9/17/21 with new DOCKET APP Information:

Do you need proof of COVID-19 vaccination to attend events, travel, or for other reasons? Is your vaccination card misplaced or incomplete?

Glacial Ridge Health System, like most clinics, submits all immunization information to MIIC within approximately 24 hours of vaccination. The Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) is an immunization information system through the Minnesota Department of Health. It combines a person’s immunizations into a single record, even if different health care providers in Minnesota gave them.

Option 1. Docket Mobile App: Access Your Immunization Record Faster

Minnesotans can now easily access their immunization record through their smartphones or other mobile devices by using an app called Docket. Docket enables residents with a Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) record to securely view and share their immunization records. MDH made the announcement on 9/15/21.

The app provides a PDF document of the immunization record that can be saved to your mobile device, printed, emailed, or texted as needed. Download the free app by searching “Docket” on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Or, go to Docket to download the app.

Option 2. Request your records online through MIIC

If you have more time before you need the information or don’t have a mobile device, you can easily request your or your child’s MIIC record online through MIIC Immunization Record Request. The MDH website states it may take up to 14 business days to get your records, so plan ahead if needing this documentation. You can select to receive the information from MIIC through encrypted email, mail, or fax.

For additional information on MIIC and general resources, please visit the MIIC page on the MN Department of Health website.