New Arrivals

Glacial Ridge Hospital lets family and friends share the new baby announcement right on the Internet. Whether you live near or far, you can see the new baby without leaving your home. Baby announcements will stay on our website for 6 months. Click on a name for details and a picture. Don’t forget to print out the baby announcement.
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Baby's NameDate of BirthParent(s)
Weston Victor05/24/2018Jamie and Bryce
Levi Dennis05/22/2018Greta and Dustin
Anika Dale05/18/2018Harley and Michael
Easton Michael05/12/2018Kaitlyn and Tucker
Everett Scott05/09/18Bertina and Shawn
Morgan Kristine04/27/2018Laura and Mark
Chance Joesph04/23/2018Katie and Chad
Caden Robert04/19/2018McKynzie and Jordan
Piper Kelly04/18/2018Laura and Brandon
Clara Rae04/13/2018Danae and Jordan
Calan Romuald04/11/2018Carissa and Jacob
Oliver David04/07/2018Jennifer and David
William Mark04/06/2018Megan and David
Payton Jean03/29/2018Emily and James
Eila Marie03/28/2018Lacey and Ryan
Jackson James03/19/2018Lacy and Dustin
BrynLee Jane03/17/2018Dominique
Kinslee Ann03/17/2018Jennifer and Andrew
Evelyn Jane03/11/2018Gina and Thomas
Kason Michael03/03/2018Erin and Brennan
Hailey Ann03/02/2018Rachel and Matthew
Owen Aaron03/02/2018Justine and Aaron
Davina Rae03/01/2018Kallie and Lewis
Ella Jean02/14/2018Holly and Adam
Emoreigh Nicole02/14/2018Stephanie and Eric
Audrey Elizabeth02/14/2018Stephanie and Eric
Russell Luther02/07/2018Tessa and Andrew
Caven George02/04/2018Stefanie and Dusty
Abram Bennett01/29/2018Heidi and Shane
Liam Leslie01/28/2018Haley and Robert
Isaiah Allen01/22/2018Maggie and Tony
Victor James01/19/2018Jessica
Breck William01/19/2018Anna and Paul
Easton Joseph01/18/2018Trista and Marcus
Silas Leroy01/14/2018Nikki and Brian
Hazel Ann01/08/2018CreighAnna and Casey
Payton Jo01/06/2018Jordan & Tyrel
Ebony Rose01/01/2018Kelly and Brandon
Carly Marie12/25/2017Brandi and Jacob
Sawyer Thomas12/19/2017Nicole and Lucas
Sadie Renay12/19/2017Nicole and Lucas
Addilyn Sandra12/16/2017Katelyn and Derek
Gage Scott12/15/2017Jadrian
Jason Frederick12/11/2017Teryl
Milani Josephine12/09/2017Jacqueiline
Ellia Ione12/03/2017Amber and Jason
Haven Jo11/30/2017Brittany and Cody
Eli George11/29/2017Ashley and Will