Becky Rick, PA-C

Professional headshot of a woman with long hair.Becky was raised in Indianapolis, IN. Ever since she was a child, she has had a love for medicine and never imagined working in any other field. Becky obtained her bachelor of science degree in physician assistant studies at Des Moines University. She then earned her masters of science degree in PA Emergency Medicine and completed her residency through Alderson Broaddus College and West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV. Becky’s special medical interests are occupational health,  pediatrics, and cardiology.

She sees every patient as a unique individual, not a symptom or condition. Becky strives to give patients the highest quality, compassionate care she can. She is a strong believer in patient education and has found that the patient who is well-informed regarding their health is more likely to follow through with their treatment plan.

Becky began her career in Minnesota as a Critical Care Flight and Ground Paramedic prior to working as an emergency medicine physician assistant. She moved to Texas and worked in urgent care, hospital, and emergency department settings for nearly a decade.

She and her husband wanted to return to rural Minnesota and found Glenwood to be a welcoming and forward-moving community. Becky liked the team and family atmosphere of Glacial Ridge Health System and felt she could have a positive impact on the community. Becky joined Glacial Ridge Health System in September 2019.

Becky brings her occupational medicine experience to Glenwood Medical Center. Working closely with DISA/OSHA Health and Safety standards, she provides area employers with pre-employment screening, ensuring potential employees are physically qualified and remain healthy and safe while on the job. When a work-related injury occurs, she follows Nova Health and Wellness protocols and is well-versed in Workers’ Compensation processes.

Her hobbies include traveling, playing with her dogs, and spending time with her four grown children and eight grandchildren.