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Safety Protocols Enhanced at Glacial Ridge Clinics and Hospital

Posted May 1, 2020; Updated June 5, 2020

Medical appointments are essential; learn how we’ve made it safer than ever before for you and your loved ones to receive care. Your health and wellness are vitally important. Nearly all your medical concerns can be addressed at Glacial Ridge Health System. The team is ready to care for patients who may exhibit some of the same signs of the coronavirus, as well as for those who have everyday health concerns or illness and injuries that can’t wait.

Your appointment is essential!

Going to medical appointments is as essential as getting groceries and picking up medications – just do so with the same precautions.  

There is a growing concern around people waiting it out, trying to manage the onset of illness at home. Managing a chronic condition or new illness can be tricky, not to mention dangerous! Sometimes it works out, sometimes a virtual clinic visit will suffice; but an illness or chronic condition can quickly become worse and require extensive medical treatment, such as a trip to the emergency room and/or hospitalization. Examples include a variety of conditions ranging anywhere from diabetes management to pacemaker checks, and pneumonia to urinary tract infection (UTI).

Illnesses can be diagnosed early in our clinics or walk-in clinic. Your health care provider will assess your symptoms, order the necessary diagnostic tests, and prescribe any necessary medication. A simple round of antibiotics is often needed to treat the bacterial infection of pneumonia, UTI, strep throat, ear infection, etc. and put the patient on a course to better health in a few days. (Remember to take the entire prescribed dose of antibiotics.) Waiting it out is simply not an option for many illnesses. While antibiotics do not work on viruses, left unchecked, concerning symptoms can get worse quickly.

Staying on track with your child’s vaccinations is also essential. Child and teen check-up appointments are available during regular clinic hours at all three clinic locations. Contact the clinic if you do not know when your child is due for their next appointment. The goal of these checkups is disease prevention and early detection of any concerns.

What are GRHS’ safety protocols during COVID-19?

Glacial Ridge Health System’s Infection Control Team is actively monitoring COVID-19, always focusing on illness prevention, which is how we respond to any health situation. What does this mean for the clinics, therapy services, hospital, ER, and Glenwood Family Eye Center? It means we remain fully operational and additional protocols are now in place to help keep our patients and employees safe. Many of these protocols date back to March, with new procedures implemented upon recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Minnesota Department of Health (MDH).

Some of the seen and unseen protocols and safety precautions at Glacial Ridge Health System locations include:

  • Hand-held, electrostatic virus-killing equipment is used daily throughout all GRHS locations, including the three clinics, hospital, Glenwood Family Eye Center, Ridgewood Villa, and the ambulances as an extra precaution.
  • Universal masking and temperature checks for all employees and patients at each entrance.
  • Plexiglass shields at reception.    
  • Social distancing recommendations will be encouraged with our patients.
  • Well, ill, and ultra-clean areas in our facility have been identified to further minimize virus transmission.
  • Appointment times are staggered and all clinic exam room surfaces are sanitized between visits.
  • Healthcare workers wear facemasks and eye protection, and have been trained to properly put on, and take off their personal protective equipment (PPE) so they and their families stay safe.
  • COVID-19 testing and evaluation is done in a separate area from other non-symptomatic patients and again disinfected per CDC guidelines between patient visits.  
  • The hospital is fully equipped to care safely for people who may have COVID-19. They are physically distanced with multiple barriers from inpatients with other health conditions so they are well protected and can focus on recovery.
  • Lastly, our employees are strongly encouraged to mask in the community and not travel to any hotspots around the U.S.  

More Information: GRHS’ COVID-19 Resource Hub and GRHS Hotline Number to Call

To learn more about the COVID-19, visit or Glacial Ridge Health System’s dedicated COVID-19 Resource Hub at

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, call (320) 334.5481 for screening, symptoms, testing information, and additional instruction. Please call before going to a clinic or the ER. This hotline is answered 24 hours a day.