Diagnostic Imaging


CT ScannerGlacial Ridge Hospital is equipped with advanced diagnostic imaging technology, which enables us to diagnose illnesses and injuries quickly and efficiently. Modern diagnostic imaging services help identify ailments in a timely fashion so your physician can determine the best outcome and treatment for you.

Our knowledgeable technologists and staff perform diagnostic testing with personal care and attention, taking time to explain each procedure so you will know what to anticipate every step of the way. We encourage you to ask questions if anything is unclear or if you want more information about a specific process or procedure.

At Glacial Ridge Hospital, we provide the following diagnostic imaging services:

We provide the following specialty imaging services through our Outreach Services:

  • EEG
  • Fluoroscopy / Interventional Radiology
    • Pain Management Injections
    • Gastrointestinal Exams
  • Interventional Pain and Physical Medicine
  • Needle Guided Biopsies
  • Nuclear Medicine

For more information regarding our Diagnostic Imaging services, please call 320.634.4521.

GRHS provides Bone Mineral Density testing in-house to assess the risk for osteoporotic fractures. The results help your doctor manage your health in terms of osteoporosis, abdominal aortic calcifications, vertebral fractures, obesity and more. Ask your provider if a bone density test is right for you. For more details, read our Bone Densitometry brochure.

In most cases, a screening mammogram can identify an abnormal breast mass as much as two years before it can be detected by touch. Visit our Breast Health page for screening guidelines, the importance of early detection of breast cancer, and information about breast density and screening.