Emergency Services & Training


Brooten AmbulanceEmergency Services

To get the latest information about Glacial Ridge Ambulance Service and training courses, visit GlacialRidgeEMS.org. We provide 24-hour advanced and basic life support services with ambulances based in Glenwood, Starbuck and Brooten. Glacial Ridge ambulance provides emergency coverage in Pope County and a portion of Stearns County.


Training Opportunities

EST TrainingHands-on experience helps you be prepared for a crisis. We provide American Heart Association approved educational courses for the public, emergency responders, law enforcement, fire departments, and healthcare providers. Classes may be customized to meet the needs of your specific organization. Our highly trained, certified instructors not only teach emergency care, they provide emergency care for the Glacial Ridge Ambulance Service. Learn more at GlacialRidgeEMS.org/events and conveniently register for a class on-line.