Internal Medicine


Complete Care for Adults

At Glacial Ridge Health System, our focus is on keeping you healthy so you can enjoy things you like to do. As we age, we are at an increased risk for disease and chronic medical conditions. Internist Dr. Joan Lunzer specializes in providing the highest quality internal medicine care to adult patients.

She is committed to providing personalized, compassionate, and comprehensive care to enhance our patients’ quality of life and promote healthy lifestyles. Dr. Lunzer cares for patients at Glenwood Medical Center.

Internal medicine provides a full spectrum of care, from routine ailments to complex medical conditions, including primary care. These include:

  • health screenings including colonoscopies
  • comprehensive physical exams
  • education on wellness and disease prevention
  • managing multiple common adult chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes
  • diagnosing and treating illnesses, injuries, and infections
  • treatment of common conditions of the eyes, ears, skin, nervous system, and reproductive organs
  • performing minimally invasive procedures
  • women’s health

Specialty care from Dr. Lunzer includes diagnosing and managing peripheral artery disease, heart disease, pacemaker implantation and follow-up, and cardiac stress testing.

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