Hospice & Palliative Care

Hospice care is for the patient whose illness is no longer responding to aggressive curative therapies. Hospice addresses all the symptoms of the disease with special emphasis on controlling the patient’s pain and discomfort. Hospice also deals with the emotional, social, and spiritual impact of the disease on the patient, the patient’s family, and significant others.

A hospice team consists of physicians, nurses, aides, social workers, spiritual caregivers, counselors, therapists, and volunteers – all of whom are specially trained to provide pain and symptom management for the patient and support for the family. The patient and family are the core of the hospice team and are at the center of all decision-making.

The goal of hospice is to improve the quality of the patient’s last days and weeks of life by offering comfort and dignity. Because each individual and family have unique needs, a hospice team works with the doctor, patient, and family to develop a personalized care plan.

Hospice is licensed and Medicare and Medicaid certified. We cover a 30-mile radius from our office and have an RN on call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Home Monitoring Technology

With the use of our home monitors, patients’ care can be monitored 7 days a week from the convenience of their homes! The best aspect of the technology is that even the smallest change in health status can be identified and evaluated. From this point, preventative care can be initiated and delivered whereby avoiding ER visits and hospitalizations. It is also a useful tool for educating the client about better management of their disease and improving their quality of life. Remote monitoring of changes in health status provides a sense of security for the patient and peace of mind for their family when they aren’t able to be there every day with their loved one.

Call for more information about the easy-to-use and cost-effective monitoring system and how it can help you or someone you know!

We Honor Veterans Partner

Glacial Ridge Hospice and Palliative Care is a We Honor Veterans (WHV) partner. Today, one in four dying Americans is a veteran. These men and women often carry experiences from their military service that present unique challenges at the end of life. Across America, hospice professionals are stepping up to build their skills and accept the mission to serve our nation’s veterans – to comfort patients with a history of military service and possibly physical or psychological trauma.

Annual Hospice Events

Riding for a Cause
The Glacial Ridge Hospice Motorcycle Ride and Car Run – Riding for a Cause – is the third full weekend in June each year.

The Tree of Life
The Tree of Life is an annual Glacial Ridge Hospice event held at the end of the year to honor and memorialize those who have passed away.

Make a Donation

Thank you for considering Glacial Ridge Hospice in your giving. All donated funds help significantly to provide services for our hospice patients and their families. To donate in honor or in memory of a loved one, please contact Glacial Ridge Hospice at 320.634.2221 or you may send a check to Glacial Ridge Hospice, 10 Fourth Ave SE, Glenwood, MN 56334.

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