COOLIEF* for Chronic Pain Relief

(Cooled Radiofrequency Ablation)

Senior man knee pain

Is your joint pain visibly painful?

COOLIEF can bring long-lasting, non-surgical pain relief to patients suffering from chronic (ongoing) knee pain, lower back pain (sacroiliac joint), hip pain, and shoulder pain. This innovative treatment for osteoarthritis uses cooled radiofrequency ablation/energy to safely target and provide pain relief to the nerves causing joint pain.

Quick recovery time with COOLIEF

There are no incisions and no general anesthesia with the COOLIEF cooled radiofrequency ablation procedure, so you return home shortly after the clinic visit. Patients may experience some discomfort that can be managed by over-the-counter pain medication. They typically return to work and normal activities within a few days.

Patients start to experience pain relief within 1–2 weeks.

COOLIEF provides long-lasting pain relief

Most patients who choose COOLIEF treatment enjoy significantly long-term pain reduction, improved physical function, and reduced need for pain medication. Studies have been shown to provide patients with up to 12 months or more of pain relief.

Is it the right treatment for you?

If conservative methods have not worked to relieve your osteoarthritis, knee pain, low back pain (sacroiliac joint), hip pain, or shoulder pain, COOLIEF may be an excellent option for you. Hear from three local patients about their experiences.

Call Glenwood Medical Center at 320.634.5157 for an appointment with COOLIEF trained specialist Dr. Gus Mellgren. While it’s still considered a new treatment option, Dr. Mellgren saw the pain relief benefits early on and began providing COOLIEF Cooled RF treatment to patients in April 2018 at Glenwood Medical Center.

How COOLIEF Cooled RF treatment works

Experienced, Coolief Trained Specialist at Glenwood Medical Center

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