bright shining sun in blue sky

Here comes the sun!

Review these three types of heat-related conditions and degrees of sunburn to watch for and prevent when the summer sun is at its peak.

Kid lining up toys on the floor.

Autism: Every child is unique.

Read about three parents' experiences to see how diverse and neat their kids are. From the age of onset of autism spectrum disorder to a child’s patterns of behavior and the progression of the condition, each child is unique.

Three Generation Men

Real Talk About Men’s Health

Doctor: “Why are you here today?” Man: “My wife made me.” While that joke is a good tension reliever in the doctor’s office, it is often true. When health problems go undiscovered or untreated, men’s risks of an interrupted lifestyle or early death from potentially preventable conditions or diseases increase substantially.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin You’re In

Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin You’re In

It’s easy to forget that our skin is the largest organ in the body. But it has a way of reminding us with sunburn, new freckles and moles, itchy rashes, or age spots. With a total area of about 22 square feet of skin on the average body, a lot can happen when you stop to think about the skin you’re in.