Services for Inpatient Care

GRHS PharmacyThe Pharmacy Department provides oversight of medication selection and utilization for patients being cared for at Glacial Ridge Hospital. We work closely with the medical and nursing staffs to make sure all medications are prescribed appropriately, are administered safely and work effectively.

Medical inpatients frequently experience medication changes during hospitalization. This increases the risk for potential medication related errors that may cause adverse events. In an effort to minimize such errors, our physicians and nurses have safeguards in place through our Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. This allows them to identify and resolve medication discrepancies prior to giving any new medication or making changes to medication you may be currently taking.

Your doctor and nurse will take time to explain all medication to you in a way you can understand including the medication name, what it is for, dosage information, and any potential side effects. At your request, our pharmacist can also review your complete medication list and take time to explain things in a way you and your family can understand prior to your hospital discharge. Our goal is to minimize medication-related problems that sometimes arise during the transition from hospital to home or other residence.

We’re Committed to Your Safety

Our team collaborates with departments throughout Glacial Ridge Hospital to improve patient safety. Technology is playing a major role in this regard. An EHR system, computerized physician order entry, barcode-driven automation and other technology-driven initiatives help us boost safety and efficiency across all phases of medication use, from prescribing through monitoring.

Another example of our efforts in the areas of collaboration and patient safety is ePharmacy. This electronic program provides rural hospitals around-the-clock access to hospital-trained pharmacists, when one is not on-site, making it possible for every medication order to be reviewed and approved prior to administration to patients.

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