Patient Portal

Patients are encouraged to utilize our Patient Portal powered by InteliChart®. This secure, interactive tool connects you with your electronic health record at GRHS.

  1. View Lab results within 36 hours of Test completion
  2. View your current Medication List
  3. View a Problem and Medical History List
  4. View a CCD (Continuation of Care Document)
  5. Request an Appointment
  6. Request Medication Refill
  7. Assign a Proxy Account
  8. Add Dependents
  9. Complete Interactive Forms – fill out a form and it will automatically load into your chart
  10. Send a Secure Message for general medical questions, billing questions, and requesting medical records

Additional information:

  1. To register with the Patient Portal you do not need a PIN from us. However, you will only be able to send a secure message until you are given a PIN and we give your account full access rights.
  2. Please note that hospitals and clinics each have their own electronic health record system so this does not provide access to your health information at other hospitals and clinics.
  3. You will see a tab within our portal called MyChart that will take you to your GRHS chart information. This is not associated with the Epic MyChart patient portal other hospitals may use.

Need help? See these PDF guides:

Setting Up Your Account

Patient Portal User Guide (Click in Table of Contents to go directly to that information.)