Patient Portal

Our doctors and providers encourage patients to utilize the patient portal. The Patient Portal allows patients who receive care at any of our locations to access their health information online anytime and from almost anywhere. In addition to being active in their own care, parents and healthcare proxies value the ability to access the medical records of those for whom they manage care.

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You can get more from your patient portal with these convenient options.

  • Schedule and manage appointments – HIGHLY ENCOURAGED
  • Pre-register before your appointment by updating your demographics, uploading insurance cards and photo IDs, and paying co-pays.
  • Save time and keep your physician up-to-date by completing pre-visit questionnaires online.
  • Review your results
  • Access visit history (for visits as of December 1, 2023) and discharge summaries
  • Securely message your physician
  • Assign a proxy account
  • Add dependents
  • Request prescription refills
  • Pay bills online

As a reminder, because it is a new EMR, no previous Patient Portal information is in your new portal.

How to Add Dependents

Once your account is set up, call our Electronic Health Record Department at 320.331.2111 to add dependents.

How to Add a Proxy

A proxy is a family member or caregiver to whom you can give access to your account. They can help manage your appointments, bills, and medical conditions through your Patient Portal. Note: Your proxy must have an existing patient portal account at Glacial Ridge.

Once you are logged in to your Patient Portal, click on Profile in the upper right-hand column, then click on Shared Access. Follow the directions to create the invitation.

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How To Create Your New Patient Portal

Please read thoroughly before you begin.

  1. Email is the easiest and preferred way to create your Patient Portal through MEDITECH Expanse, our new EMR. Click the “Sign Up Here” button to Request A Patient Portal and receive a link by email.
  2. Patients with an email address on file are automatically sent an email invitation after scheduling an appointment by phone or after the first time they register in person. You may also ask a receptionist to assist you in setting up an account.
  3. From your email, open the message from [email protected]. If you did not receive an email from that email address, please check your spam folder. If you signed up online, it may take up to 1-2 business days.
  4. Click on the secure link within the email*.
    • Your TEMPORARY USER NAME AND PASSWORD will be auto-filled.
    • The temporary password will not be visible.
    • Click the Sign In button to continue.
  5. Complete the prompts on the next screen to CREATE YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD. You will also select and answer security questions in case you forget your password and sign a user agreement.

*The link in the email is specific to the patient being enrolled. You’ll have a few days once it is sent, but if the link has expired before you complete the setup or have other questions, please call our Electronic Health Record Department at 320.331.2111.

If you read the “How-To” steps, click here!