Gustave L. Mellgren, M.D.

Dr. Mellgren’s approach to caring for patients originates in part from being raised with the philosophy that even though things can be good the way they are, there are always a dozen ways to view a situation differently and often do things even better. The example set by his mother – a nurse, and his father and grandparents, prioritized and taught the importance of touching the lives of others by helping out in times of need. He believes in the role of doctor as teacher, as well as healer. He takes this approach with patients to find and consider the best means of taking care of and improving their health.

Growing up on a dairy farm in the rural community of Long Prairie gave Dr. Mellgren a gift of deep-seated appreciation for the lifestyle and values found in a rural community – a strong influence in his decision to relocate to the Glenwood area in 2008.

Dr. Mellgren obtained his bachelor’s degree from St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN, and a master of science degree, followed by his doctor of medicine degree from the University of Minnesota. He then completed the Duluth Family Medicine Residency Program. Dr. Mellgren provides the full spectrum of family medicine and has additional training in obstetrics, cesarean section, endoscopy, and other surgical procedures.

In his pursuit to learn the newest medical techniques and technologies, Dr. Mellgren received further training in dermatology (skin care) including sclerotherapy, a non-invasive procedure to eliminate spider veins and small varicose veins, as well as the treatment of severe acne, and other skin conditions.

Additionally, Dr. Mellgren is specially trained and certified in the COOLIEF Cooled Radiofrequency Treatment. He provides this non-surgical treatment for those with chronic pain in the knee, shoulder, hip, or sacroiliac joint – which is usually felt in the lower back or leg. The minimally invasive procedure uses cooled radiofrequency energy to pinpoint the nerves that are causing the pain and does not involve medications or physical therapy. COOLIEF is an option when other conservative/traditional treatment options have not helped.

He and his family enjoy spending time on their hobby farm and taking advantage of the boating and fishing opportunities on Lake Minnewaska. Whenever he has a chance, he likes getting back to his roots by helping his parents on the dairy farm.