Roderick B. Brown, M.D.

Dr. Brown provided family medicine and surgical services for 38 years at Glacial Ridge Health System, retiring from family medicine in August 2022. He continues to provide surgical and procedural care at Glacial Ridge Hospital through referrals.

Laparoscopic surgery has been a strong focus of Dr. Brown’s and he has made significant contributions to the field of medical technology. He is the inventor and patent holder of the Rebound Hernia Repair Device® (HRD). With this invention, Dr. Brown has given a great number of presentations on the capabilities and uses of this device. It was the first FDA-approved Hernia Repair Device for laparoscopic surgery and has been highly adopted by physicians and surgeons worldwide who trial the device. Dr. Brown calls himself an “imagineer” and is always looking for new ideas for use in the medical field.

Dr. Brown received his bachelor’s degree from Mankato State University. He decided to join the medical profession and received further training at the University of Minnesota Medical School, both in Duluth and Minneapolis. He completed his residency and surgical fellowship at the University of Minnesota before joining GRHS. Dr. Brown helps to educate and train his peers and patients on modern solutions and practices.

When not immersed in medical inventions and new ideas, Dr. Brown enjoys spending time with family, skiing, motorcycling, traveling, and hunting upland birds.