Robert P. Montenegro, M.D.

Robert P Montenegro MD ABOM FamilyMedicinewithBariatricsDr. Montenegro grew up in the Philippines in a time where Martial Law was imposed. In an effort to create the best life possible, he decided to enter the field of medicine. With a number of opportunities along the way to practice what he calls “true medicine ideals”, Dr. Montenegro brought his experiences and background to Glacial Ridge Health System in 2002.

The Glenwood community’s proximity to the cities has allowed him a very active life that still offers the peace and quiet that you can expect in a rural setting. The area has also provided him with a number of opportunities along the way that he may not have seen in a more urban hospital.

Dr. Montenegro’s education is from West Visayas State University in the Philippines. Upon moving to the U.S., he received specialized training in a number of medical procedures, aspects of family medicine, and obstetrics at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. His residency at a U.S. Air Force Hospital allowed him a great deal of hands-on experience as opposed to many other residency programs.

Dr. Montenegro is the medical director of the hospital’s Emergency Department. He is board certified in family medicine and received specialized training in Idaho from Medical Bariatrics of America — founded by board-certified bariatric physician and recognized national expert Dr. Allen Rader. Following Dr. Rader’s nationally renowned program, Dr. Montenegro began a Medical Weight Loss Clinic at GRHS. The program is a safe and aggressive approach to weight loss.

Dr. Montenegro lives in the community with his wife and two sons.