Jenna Myrom, CNP

Originally from the Glenwood community, Jenna Myrom grew up inspired by her father, Glacial Ridge Health System’s own Dr. Jeffrey Schlueter. As a child, she enjoyed playing doctor, anticipating the arrival of ambulances, and reading her favorite book, Farley Goes to the Doctor. This childhood fascination with the medical field grew into a passion and a desire to help others when her grandmother was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. After witnessing the compassionate care and empathetic kindness the nurses provided for her grandmother, she began to take the steps that would lead her through her nursing education and back to the Glenwood community where it all began.

Jenna has felt extremely privileged to return to the community as a Certified Nurse Practitioner and has always been fond of the friendly, inviting and warm interaction she encounters from being a part of this area. Before pursuing additional schooling, Jenna worked as a Registered Nurse at Glacial Ridge Hospital and had a nurturing relationship with the patients she cared for. She has chosen to give back to this community through a number of community involvement activities and volunteer services.

Jenna received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Nursing from Concordia College in May of 2002 before going on to the Masters program at North Dakota State University where she received her Masters of Science in Nursing in August of 2008. As a Certified Nurse Practitioner, she completed her practicum clinical hours for her advanced practice nursing degree through Glenwood Medical Center in family medicine and is a welcomed addition to our team.

Jenna enjoys shopping, exercising, traveling, baking, gardening, boating, fishing, volunteering and spending time with her family. Jenna and her husband Jeremy have three children and a mischievous Maltipoo to look after.