Brooten Ambulance Critically Needs On-call Volunteers to Continue Local Response

Glacial Ridge Ambulance urgently needs volunteer on-call Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs) and EMTs in the Brooten community. This is a critical situation, as having trained and dedicated volunteers is essential for keeping an ambulance stationed in Brooten. Without on-call volunteers in Brooten, especially during daytime hours, the ambulance isn’t leaving the garage. Meanwhile, help is dispatched from Glenwood. While this response time is well within state requirements, it is not what the community has been fortunate to have for decades.

If you know or knew someone on the ambulance, you know they probably volunteered for many years, some even decades. If you know an EMR or EMT, you also know how fulfilling it is (or was) to be able to help in medical emergencies. They and their families are proud. While on-call EMRs and EMTs are considered volunteers, they receive a stipend for on-call and on-the-job time. Unfortunately, there are fewer people able or willing to step up now for multiple reasons.

Employer Support is Crucial:

Your business can be part of the solution. Local employers with just a few employees can significantly help this situation. Glacial Ridge Health System is asking local employers to consider flexibility for their employees to be on-call and respond to medical emergencies during daytime hours. The more volunteers there are, the fewer days they will each be on-call.

Free EMR Training Provided:

Get trained and licensed at no cost to drive an ambulance and assist EMTs on Glacial Ridge Ambulance in Brooten. The training course will prepare you with the skills and confidence to help change the outcome of medical emergencies in our community.

EMR to EMT Training:

This is an excellent opportunity to become an EMT and have your education paid for while working as an on-call EMR. Inquire about the course and commitment to the ambulance service in Brooten as an EMT.

Spread the Word:

If you know individuals who work in the Brooten community and may be interested in volunteering with the ambulance, tell them about the need! Community and employer support is vital in recruiting volunteers.

For Questions or to Apply:

Call Greg Meyers at 320-634-2264 or view the job description and apply online on our Careers Page.

Volunteering (paid stipend) as an EMR/EMT is a noble and crucial service that directly contributes to the community’s well-being. Your contribution can make a significant difference in ensuring timely emergency medical services in our community.