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2 youth baseball layers

Swing, batter-batter, swing! Sports Helmets and Concussions

You signed your child up for Little League, and now you’re wondering if that old batting helmet that’s been kicking around the garage is good enough for one more season. You’ve watched games from the bleachers enough times to have seen other people’s kids dropped by a wild pitch, and you don’t want to experience...

Closeup of a young boy with tissue by face.

Reocurring Snot, Ahem, Cold Symptoms in Kids

By Martin Janning, MD, Outreach Specialist at GRHS: Ear, Nose & Throat Physician & Sleep Specialist This three-part series features common pediatric ear, nose, and throat symptoms to help parents identify the normal versus abnormal conditions kids have – and when to talk to their family physician about it. In part one, we looked at...