man playing softball

COOLIEF puts you back in the game of life.

Dr. Gus Mellgren, family medicine physician, has been specially trained to offer COOLIEF Cooled Radiofrequency Treatment for those with chronic knee, lower back, hip, or shoulder pain. The non-surgical procedure uses cooled radiofrequency energy to pinpoint the nerves that are causing the pain in the joints. It does not involve medications or physical therapy—there are no incisions or anesthesia so patients go home after the clinic procedure.

Studies have shown this non-invasive, outpatient option can provide 12 months or more of pain relief and improved physical function, as well as a reduced need for pain medication. Patients start to experience pain relief within 1-2 weeks, sometimes sooner.

Retired Carpenter From Starbuck Plays Softball Again

As a carpenter, Jim had constant pain from advanced osteoarthritis in his knees. Lacking cartilage, the bones rubbing caused pain and limited mobility. Jim wanted to be active without knee pain from every step. Once Jim’s knee pain became unbearable, he had his right knee replaced. A year later while wintering in Arizona, he heard about COOLIEF being offered in Glenwood and the success patients were having from it. He decided it would be easier and less complex than another knee replacement.

“When you go in with constant pain and you walk away with none—that’s pretty good!” exclaimed Jim. He’s had nearly two pain-free years with full range of motion. “I’ll have it done again when it’s needed so I can continue playing golf and softball in our over-70 league in Arizona.”

Glenwood Dad Regains Ability to be Active With His Kids

When David injured his back at work, he tried many medical treatments, but even surgery didn’t help his debilitating pain. Then he heard about the new COOLIEF procedure Dr. Mellgren was doing with patients suffering from severe knee pain and having excellent results. David was the first patient Dr. Mellgren used the COOLIEF procedure with to help back pain.

David said, “Someone asked me how I knew I could trust Dr. Mellgren, and I told them if you can’t trust your doctor, you need a new doctor.” David has had the COOLIEF treatment twice and was pain-free both times for 18–24 months. “I had no quality of life before COOLIEF. Now I can move, throw a ball to my kids, and go for walks and bike rides without any back pain at all,” he said.

Active woman from Lowry says just go for it!

Rebecca knew a knee replacement was inevitable with bone on bone, bone spurs, and calcification, but COOLIEF was a game-changer. It eliminated her knee pain so she could delay replacement. After the 45-minute procedure, she was pain-free, doing everything she used to do, even lifting weights and hiking. Being active again in her fifties without any knee pain was amazing. COOLIEF provided pain-free relief for about a year.

“If I’d done it sooner, I’d have had better results,” Rebecca said. She encourages people not to put off getting care for something like knee pain. “Get it done if you want to resume your normal activity level. You can live an active life without constant knee or joint pain.”

Is COOLIEF right for you?

If conservative methods have not worked to relieve your chronic knee, lower back, hip, or shoulder pain, COOLIEF may be an excellent option so you can enjoy more of life again – pain-free. Call Glenwood Medical Center at 320.634.5157 for an appointment with COOLIEF trained specialist Dr. Gus Mellgren.