Future Plans Underway at GRHS

Immediate Future: Remodel Old Hospital Patient RoomsGlacial Ridge Hospital Photo

In the next month, GRHS will begin remodeling the old patient rooms for new purposes. The remodeling is expected to take about seven months to complete. Over half of the area will be renovated to provide new and larger space for cardiology outreach, cardiac rehab, sleep studies, pulmonary rehab, colonoscopy, and other gastrointestinal procedure rooms. The remainder of the space will be remodeled to house some administrative departments such as Marketing, Human Resources, and Administration. That will free up space on the second floor for the crowded departments of Information Technology, Business Office and Health Information Management.

New Clinic Construction in StarbuckStarbuck Medical Center Announcement

Construction has already begun on a new GRHS medical center in Starbuck. Once open in Spring 2018, it will be staffed Monday through Friday with both nurse practitioners and physicians in the same way the Brooten Medical Center is staffed. The new Starbuck medical clinic is being built to serve current patients in Starbuck and surrounding areas like Lowry, Cyrus, Morris, and Benson, CEO Kirk Stensrud explained. Starbuck is only seven miles away from Glenwood, but it means those area patients do not have to drive to receive care.