Blue illustration with a heart that says ALERT.

LinkedIn Job SCAM

We appreciate your diligence in verifying if you received a legitimate job offer for a remote position, or had an interview with someone claiming to be from GRHS. We do not have remote positions. This is fraud on LinkedIn and we are working with them to identify who and what account is responsible for it, and shut it down.

Last Friday, August 5, 2022, and over the weekend we were contacted by over 100 people from all over the United States asking us if this is a scam. Initially, it was reported that the emails were from Catherine S. Olson at and [email protected]. Now, this scammer is using some names from our staff’s LinkedIn accounts in the emails, but at the same As you’ve questioned, no, this is not a GRHS email.

Additionally, as your red flags went up, you are correct to question the authenticity. Our staff DOES NOT recruit applicants by phone, email, or through a LinkedIn account, nor do we hold phone or chat interviews or offer jobs, send email offers, or ask for bank information.

…BUT, if you’d consider moving to West Central Minnesota, we welcome your application for actual jobs posted on our website. 🙂