A Pillar of Strength, Discipline, and Unconditional Love

Daughter Jenna Myrom spoke on behalf of her and sister, Heidi Polzin, before Dr. Jeffrey Schuleter accepted the Chamber’s 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award.

“Our dad has always been the rock upon which our family stood, with his steady grace, generosity, encouragement, and loving kindness woven deeply into the fabric of who we are today. He showed us every day at home, at work, and in the community how to live a life of purpose and integrity. He may be quiet in his demeanor but he is fiercely loud in content of character. He cares deeply about his family and his community. (And his Minnesota sports teams too!) He has been a great teacher and role model as a father and a colleague.

He deserves recognition beyond words for the long hours he’s poured into Glacial Ridge. For the heart he gives to Waterama, church, and the community. For the fact that despite his busy schedule, he was there on the bench cheering us on at every game and every concert and every event in our lives. Every pop fly he threw. Every ride on the boat. Every fish taken off the hook. Every travel opportunity. Every hoop we shot. Every clinical he supervised. Every Christmas light he hung. Every wet rag he tossed (favorite family game). Every pain he comforted. Every goal he encouraged. Every day he lives is a lifetime achievement of goodness, care, humility, and love. Dad, you’ve given us all the best things in life: your time, your support, and your love.

Why does our dad deserve this award? Because he has done so many wonderful things for all of us, yes. But mostly because of who he is as a pillar of strength, discipline, and unconditional love. We love you dad!”

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