Nathan Tiedeman, DNP

Professional Headshot of Nathan Tiedeman DNPNathan’s passion for medicine began with science, especially biology. He has always wanted to know the “nitty gritty” of how and why things are the way they are – and what happens when there is change. This pushes him to look deeper into a patient’s condition, to fully understand what is happening in their body, and how he can help them improve. He is constantly researching, learning, and applying new techniques as the world of medicine continues to evolve.

As a kid, Nate remembers playing tennis and always stopping to watch if an ambulance was going by. The intrigue of working on an ambulance service and caring for people in emergencies became a reality when he turned 18. Nate took an elective EMT class taught by local EMTs in high school. He became a volunteer EMT in his hometown of Walker, MN. The adrenaline rush, the unknown of every situation, and the lack of the mundane helped Nate realize that he was more focused and productive when things were chaotic. The fast-paced experiences and appreciation from patients and their families cemented Nate’s decision to further his education in emergency medicine.

Nate graduated from Concordia College with a bachelor of arts in nursing. His 14 years of nursing experience includes providing care in the ER, Intensive Care, and as a flight nurse at Sanford Medical Center in Fargo. He attained his doctorate as a Nurse Practitioner from North Dakota State University with a specialty in family practice and acute/emergency care. As a Certified Nurse Practitioner, he has worked in high-volume emergency departments in two rural hospitals for six years.

Shared decision-making is an absolute must in his care for patients. The small-town community he grew up in instilled the values of being there for others and working together. He tailors his medical care to what works for each person. Nate strives to help people understand their situation and explains available options. His approach to providing medical care is always patient-driven.

Desiring to continue working in rural hospitals, Nate was drawn to Glacial Ridge in Glenwood for two reasons. In his 20-year career, Glacial Ridge Health System’s patient focus, coupled with medical resources for high-level emergency care are second to no other rural facility he’s experienced. In April 2022, Nate joined Glacial Ridge Hospital’s team in the Emergency Department.

Nate stays busy with his two sons’ and daughter’s activities.