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Glacial Ridge Strains Under Delta Surge; Braces for Omicron

Health systems across the nation, including Glacial Ridge in Glenwood, continue to strain and balance the everyday health needs in addition to caring for those with COVID. While Delta has been the predominant COVID variant in our community and state, Omicron is another concerning threat for several reasons. There’s a lot about Omicron that’s still...

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Heart Attack Averted

Cardiac patients benefit from tight-knit cardiac care coordination between Glacial Ridge Hospital in Glenwood and CentraCare Heart & Vascular Center in St. Cloud. Read one patient's story to see how it saved his life.

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Side Effects are Normal and Healthy After COVID-19 Vaccination

by Thomas Haus, M.D., Family Medicine When you realize you don’t feel well after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, tell yourself, “This is a good and healthy response!” Changing your mindset may help get you through a few days of pain and discomfort. Vaccines, including the vaccine created to protect against COVID-19, work by making the...

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