2 women walking

A Tale of Two Surgeries: Glacial Ridge Center for Surgical Care in Glenwood

Two women. Two successful orthopedic surgeries at Glacial Ridge.

Before having surgery, LuAnn’s knee pain and swelling made it difficult to do anything. It hurt just to walk. Marlyn’s accident, which ultimately required a total shoulder replacement, began with an annoying Asian beetle. Both of these women are extremely happy that Dr. Jennifer Taniguchi was their orthopedic surgeon in Glenwood. (The women in the photo above look just as happy and active as Marlyn and LuAnn are now!)

Marlyn’s story

As she sat reading one night, Marlyn swatted at an Asian beetle fluttering nearby. She grabbed a fly swatter, got up—and the rest is a blur as she hit her nightstand on the way down, breaking several bones. Her husband rushed her to the emergency department at Glacial Ridge where x-rays showed she’d broken her collar bone, the long bone in her arm, and shattered the shoulder of her dominant arm.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Taniguchi visited Marlyn in the hospital the next day and told her the bones would heal, but there was so much damage to her shoulder it would need to be replaced. She was scheduled for reverse shoulder replacement surgery.

“I had complete confidence in her experience and skill as an orthopedic surgeon,” said Marlyn. “Dr. Taniguchi is a very caring person, who also informs her patients, allowing them to be part of the decision-making. She was always available by phone and continued following up throughout my recovery.” While Marlyn knows she won’t be able to reach behind her back, she’s thrilled to be able to reach almost anything and to put in earrings again!

LuAnn’s story

When walking became too difficult, LuAnn recalled hearing about the new orthopedic surgeon at Glacial Ridge so she scheduled an appointment. At her exam, LuAnn was impressed by Dr. Taniguchi’s kindness and knowledge. Cortisone injections and physical therapy helped initially, until a knee replacement became necessary.

Dr. Taniguchi explained what to expect before, during, and after the surgery—listening attentively and answering all of LuAnn’s questions. After thinking it over, LuAnn called to schedule her surgery. The caring nurses and CRNAs made her feel comfortable and the surgery went well. A few hours after surgery, a physical therapist began helping her walk—two days later, she went home.

“After leaving the hospital on Friday, Dr. Taniguchi called to check on me,” said LuAnn, “even making sure I had her contact information in case I had questions or concerns over the weekend! She is a very personable, kind, and skilled surgeon. We are so lucky to have Dr. Taniguchi and a close-by hospital with the caliber of staff we do.”

Experienced Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Taniguchi

What Dr. Taniguchi enjoys most about being an orthopedic physician is that she can take care of the whole community – from weekend warriors and high school students to grandmas and grandpas. From rotator cuff repair to carpal tunnel, or total knee or shoulder replacement, you can receive specialized orthopedic care for more than 100 orthopedic conditions and injuries at Glacial Ridge Center for Surgical Care.

If you’re ready to experience reduced pain and increased mobility so you can enjoy an active life, consider a consultation with Dr. Taniguchi. Call Glenwood Medical Center at 320.634.5157.