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Your Heart Hears Everything That Your Mind Says

Making the Connection Between Mental Health and Heart Disease

Evidence shows that there is a two-way relationship between heart disease and mental health. This relationship combines how we feel with our emotions, life satisfaction in how we function in our relationships with others, purpose in life, and independence. Mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression are tied to heart disease risk factors and can develop after a cardiac event.

If you have had a heart attack or undergone a heart procedure, cardiac rehab offers personalized support to manage anxiety, nutritional guidance, and monitored exercise to strengthen your heart. Exercise releases endorphins, chemicals proven to help relieve stress and improve your emotional state. Cardiac rehab also gives people the confidence to participate in meaningful social activities with family and friends. Their physical health improves, along with their mental and emotional health. Studies have shown that returning to activity and seeing other people recovering from a heart incident significantly improves mood and confidence. Mitchi Lee, Exercise Physiologist, recognizes the connection among her patients every day as they share their heart journey with each other. “It’s great when my patients feel supported and recognize that they are not in this alone.”

Monitor and Maintain

Monitor your physical and mental health, and if you have any concerns or questions, discuss how you are feeling, both physically and mentally, with your healthcare professional. You can explore possible lifestyle changes or other tools to support your mental health journey. Like heart disease, there are many effective ways to manage anxiety and depression.

Maintaining a positive attitude about treatment and believing that your actions can benefit lifestyle changes that often reduce the risk of future heart issues is motivation to continue your wellness journey. Looking after your mental health will positively influence your heart health. As you work on improving your mental health, give yourself grace. Bettering your health takes time and consistency.

February is Heart Health Month and Glacial Ridge Cardiac Rehab reminds you that your heart hears everything your mind says, so stay positive!