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Glacial Ridge 6th in State: 92% Patient Experience Ratings

92 out of 100 patients rate Glacial Ridge Health System a 9 or 10 in patient experience – an important part of quality healthcare. MN Community Measurement states, “High rates of patients who give their hospital the most positive rating can be a sign of strong hospital performance.”

The recently released 2019 Minnesota Health Care Quality Report is provided by the independent, nonprofit MN Community Measurement. They analyze healthcare facilities based on a broad range of indicators for cost and the quality of care and treatment provided to patients.

One of the metrics MN Community Measurement has taken a closer look at to determine quality of service is based on patients’ experiences, namely the rating they’ve given a hospital or clinic after their treatment or stay.

Top 10 Performing Facilities in Minnesota Based on Patient Surveys (full list here):

  1. Bigfork Valley Hospital – 97% (of patients giving 9/10 or 10/10).
  2. Mayo Clinic Health System, Springfield – 94%.
  3. Madelia Community Hospital, Madelia – 94%.
  4. Sleepy Eye Medical Center – 94%.
  5. Prairie Ridge Hospital and Health Services – 94%.
  6. Glacial Ridge Health System, Glenwood – 92%.
  7. Sanford Wheaton Medical Center, Wheaton – 88%.
  8. Mayo Clinic Health System, Cannon Falls – 88%.
  9. CentraCare Health, Paynesville – 87%.
  10. Lakeview Hospital, Two Harbors; St. Elizabeth’s, Wabasha; Hendricks Community Hospital, Hendricks; Perham Health – all 86%.

Employee Satisfaction and Patient Experience Go Hand in Hand

Glacial Ridge Health System’s CEO Kirk Stensrud said, “It’s all about people and our staff. Every decision, interaction, or innovation is driven by compassion and the desire to do our best for the community we serve.” He added, “Being a Star Tribune Top 150 Workplace in 2019, determined by employee satisfaction, definitely correlates to each patient’s positive experience with staff throughout the health system.”

The average hospital rating in Minnesota is 73%. That means that for every 100 patients, 73 gave their hospital a top rating of 9 or 10 with 10 being the highest. For hospitals measuring lowest on the report, it was 62%. The complete list of hospital ratings can be found here.

Compare Patient Review Sites

Transparency has been the buzzword in healthcare in recent years. The purpose is to provide each individual as much information as possible so they can compare hospitals and clinics – and how to accurately measure the quality of that care. Reports from patient surveys, state quality measures, and cost are widely available online. For patients, that means the information is at your fingertips to be able to compare apples to apples in healthcare.

Locally, online patient reviews, social media comments, and word of mouth are additional sources of information to consider when comparing and choosing who to trust to provide the best health care for you and your family.

About MN Community Measurement: Measure Development and Public Reporting

MN Community Measurement collects and reports data about the health of populations (such as children), health conditions (such as diabetes or asthma), procedures (such as heart surgery), and where care takes place (such as a clinic or hospital). Making this information available publicly benefits all Minnesotans, who can find reliable, independently verified health care information, compare clinics and hospitals, and find providers close to home.