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Look At This List of Services Available at Glacial Ridge!

Rest assured you have an array of choices in healthcare services here in Glenwood. A team of 29 board-certified, highly skilled physicians, surgeons, and advanced care practitioners provide compassionate care, focusing on the ongoing and sometimes ever-changing needs of the whole person.

The following specialty services are available by appointment at Glacial Ridge Health System:

  • Anesthesia
  • Cancer Care
    • Chemotherapy Treatments
  • Clinics
    • Glenwood Medical Center
    • Brooten Medical Center
    • Starbuck Medical Center
    • Walk-in Clinic (at GMC)
    • Glenwood Family Eye Center
  • Coumadin (INR) Clinics
  • Diagnostic Imaging
    • Biopsies Sentinel Node
    • Bone Densitometry
    • CT Scan including CTA
      (thoracic, abdominal)
    • EKG
    • Mammography 2D/3D
    • MRI
    • Ultrasound 3D/4D
    • X-ray
  • Endoscopy
    • Colonoscopy
    • Upper Endoscopy (EGD)
    • G.I.
  • Emergency Care
    • Ambulance Service

Specialists to Care for You in Glenwood

You can travel less and receive advanced, specialized care through our specialty services. Glacial Ridge Health System offers you access to some of the most skilled providers in the region – including CentraCare. For a complete list of outreach specialist services available in Glenwood, visit