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Men’s Health Guide

It’s your health—take charge of it.

Annual physical examinations and prostate cancer exams, cholesterol screenings, blood pressure checks, blood draws, skin cancer checks—there are so many different men’s health concerns and screenings to be aware of, it might be hard to remember them all. Yes, you can always send a My Care Corner message to your provider’s office or wait for your annual physical examination. If you’d like to keep track of your healthcare screenings, download this men’s health checklist, a convenient, visual reminder with general guidelines that you can save and print for easy reference.

Regular screening won’t always prevent a disease, but regular exams and tests can detect diseases like heart disease, prostate cancer, diabetes, colon cancer, and skin cancer in the very beginning when they’re easier to treat—and even before you have symptoms.

For many checkups and screenings, an annual examination is all that is needed. However, which screening tests you need and how frequently to have them depends on your age, family history, your own health history, and other risk factors. Talk to your family medicine or internal medicine doctor about what screening tests are right for you, as well as any changes you may currently be experiencing.