Glacial Ridge Homecare Purchases Minnewaska Homecare

Glacial Ridge Homecare recently purchased Minnewaska Homecare in Starbuck. For several months, Glacial Ridge Homecare Manager Tina Blair worked closely with Minnewaska Home Care staff and Horizon Public Health nurses to ensure a smooth process. In addition, some of the staff from Minnewaska Home Care joined Glacial Ridge Homecare during the transition.

“Glacial Ridge Homecare is continuing to provide the same services to our new clients that they were receiving from Minnewaska Homecare,” said Blair. She also noted that the homecare office will remain at Minnewaska Lutheran Home in Starbuck for client and family convenience.

Minnewaska Community Health Services Administrator, Chris Knoll, stated, “Minnewaska Home Care wants to thank the communities they’ve served for the support over the last 13 years.” He adds, “It has been a great honor.”

Homecare provides individuals of all ages the opportunity to receive professional health care services in their home. From nursing care and medication management to assistance with bathing and light housekeeping, this manner of health care delivery makes healing and rehabilitation easier and more affordable. It also enables area residents to remain living independently.

In addition to home visits, some Glacial Ridge Homecare clients also use home monitoring technology. With home monitors, clients’ medical conditions can be monitored 7 days a week from the convenience of their home. The best aspect of the technology is that even the smallest change in health status can be identified and evaluated by medical staff. From this point, preventative care can be initiated and delivered whereby avoiding emergency room visits and hospitalizations. Home monitoring is also a useful tool for educating clients about managing their health condition and provides a sense of security and peace of mind for both clients and their families.

Glacial Ridge Homecare was established in 1985 and is a Medicare certified agency.