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Glacial Ridge Ambulance Receives Award for Quality Care

ambualncePictured above are Jill (EMT), Jeanine (EMR), Madison (EMR)

Glacial Ridge Ambulance was one of 95 ambulance services across Minnesota recognized for providing outstanding pre-hospital clinical care in 2022. Glacial Ridge Ambulance Manager and EMT Greg Meyers said, “I am incredibly proud of our staff. We see it every day, but this award recognizes the quality of care that area residents receive before getting to the hospital – and the teamwork with medical staff upon arrival.”

Working with EMS physicians from across the state, Dylan Ferguson, Executive Director of the Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board (EMSRB), said, “EMSRB established multiple clinical advisory performance measures that could be used to benchmark and highlight the wonderful pre-hospital care that Minnesotans receive every day from our dedicated EMTs and Paramedics.”

For this award, ambulance services needed to achieve a performance rate of 80% or higher in five or more individual performance measures. The measures looked specifically at the quality of patient care in cases of strokes, chest pain, trauma, and pediatrics. Ferguson added, “This award is a credit to the organization of these ambulance services, their leadership, the involvement of their Medical Directors, and most of all, the exemplary care given by their dedicated crew members.”

Meyers said, “Being part of the health system makes the team stronger, and we work together very well. We train often and incorporate new technology.” He shared that often when patients are stabilized and sent to a cardiac, stroke, or trauma hospital, they don’t hear of their outcome. “It’s great to know that what our staff does so well makes a difference for so many.”

Part- and Full-Time Staff Needed to Continue Having Shorter Response Times

Like all emergency medical services across the state and nation, Glacial Ridge Ambulance is experiencing significant staffing shortages of EMTs and paramedics. Having ambulances stationed in Glenwood, along with Brooten and Starbuck significantly reduces the response time to the communities east and southwest of Glenwood. But, Glacial Ridge Ambulance needs staff to continue to be able to have ambulances responding from Brooten and Starbuck.

A long-term solution underway is to hire and train Emergency Medical Responders (EMR) like Jeanine and Madison, pictured above, to drive the ambulance and assist the EMTs with patient care on the scene. This can be a part-time or full-time position whenever the person is available. Part-time staff can have their full-time job and then be on call some nights or during the day if their job is flexible. If interested, Glacial Ridge Ambulance pays for EMT training for those who want to make it a full-time career – thankfully, staff are on that path now.

There are sign-on bonuses as well. Contact Greg Meyers at 320-634-2264 or visit our Careers page to learn more and apply.

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