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Help for the Sandwich Generation: Therapy Services at Glacial Ridge

Are there days when you feel like a sandwich? Your family responsibilities are pressing in from both sides, and you’re stuck in the middle like a panini? If you’re raising kids or maybe even grandkids while also helping an aging parent (not to mention your own health concerns)—welcome to the Sandwich Generation.

To help manage some of the healthcare needs you may be juggling, a wide range of therapy services—Occupational (OT), Physical (PT), and Speech (ST)—are available for all ages and stages at Glacial Ridge. Our therapy teams are highly skilled and ready to evaluate, treat, and provide support and encouragement for the health concerns you may be experiencing with a child, a parent, or even yourself.

Children’s Therapy Services

From infants to age 21, therapy services can assist with many pediatric concerns. A therapy evaluation may be appropriate for bed wetting, difficulty with balance, coordination, strength, developmental delays, speech and pronunciation, sensory integration, and much more.

Discuss your concerns regarding your child’s behavior/ mannerisms with your family medicine provider, and ask for a referral to therapy services. For example, if your child has difficulty with coordination or strength, your child could benefit from an occupational therapy referral. Speech therapy may be needed if your child has difficulty swallowing when eating/drinking or prefers pointing instead of speaking. For difficulty with balance, tripping often, or poor posture, physical therapy can help. Depending on the initial evaluation, a treatment plan would be implemented to address the concern.

Senior Adult Therapy

On the other end of the spectrum, perhaps you’re also managing the healthcare needs of an elder. Some of the specific concerns of senior adults include arthritis, vertigo or preventing falls, managing steps, swallowing or handling eating utensils, plus post-stroke or Parkinson’s therapies. To treat Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders, our therapists are certified to use the LSVT Big/LSVT Loud intensive exercise and speech therapy voice programs—proven to help improve communication, movement, and quality of life.

Adult Therapy

And finally, don’t neglect your own health. You may have painful joints or an aching back from lifting. At the same time, the tasks at your job could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff injury, or arthritic knees. Therapy services can assist with your specific concerns so you too, can live your best life.

With a team of 20, the experienced staff at Glacial Ridge Therapy Services provide comprehensive, individualized care to patients of all ages. Meet our Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists.

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