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Supper Seminar: Physical Therapy for Vertigo, Dizziness & BPPV

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) is the most common of vestibular disorders and the most easily treated. People with BPPV usually experience vertigo when they turn over in bed, get in or out of bed, look up to a high shelf, or put their head back in the shower. In most patients, it can be...


Stepping On® Falls Prevention Workshop

Stepping On® is a 7-week program that meets two hours a week. It has been researched and proven to reduce falls. Physical Therapists Amanda Volesky and Brianna Gustafson teach ways to help prevent you from falling. A snack is provided each week. This workshop is designed for anyone who: Is 65 and older Has had...


Complete Athletic Exam

Students going into 7th and 10th grade are required to get an athletic exam to ensure they are eligible to participate in sports. If your student needs an athletic exam, Glenwood Medical Center is offering something NEW THIS YEAR to enhance your experience! Get your physical exam with Dr. Gus Mellgren, or Jessie van der...


Low Back Pain Solutions Seminar

All of us have likely experienced low back pain at some point. Acute and chronic back pain can be very painful, affect daily function, and create feelings of stress, anxiety and fear. We want to find a solution to our pain and get back to our normal daily functions! Hands-on manual therapy techniques can help...


Laugh Without Leaking Seminar

Pelvic Health Seminar at Gather! Women are invited to attend this FREE community event about women’s health…below the belt. Bring a friend or family member as you relax and take a Saturday morning just for you. Physical therapists and seminar presenters, LaNita Mortenson and MiKayla Christensen, are specially trained in urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, and...

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