Aspiring Minnewaska Students Explore Careers in Medicine

High school students in a medical lab with staff.

Thank you to Minnewaska Area Schools students for visiting GRHS on Career Day! Our staff enjoyed sharing the work we do! We love to encourage students to explore the field of healthcare and all of its rewards. In this picture, Cindy, one of our Laboratory Technicians, is talking with high school students about the work lab staff do and the opportunities they may want to explore. They visited other departments at GRHS as well, to get a sense of the wide range of medical careers they could choose. #waskapride #heartfeltcare

Photo credit: Minnewaska Area School’s Facebook post.

LINKEDIN JOB SCAM: GRHS does not have remote positions available. We are working with LinkedIn to identify the account/person responsible. ...But, if you'd consider moving to West Central Minnesota, we welcome your application for actual jobs posted on our website. :) Best of luck in your search. Get Details