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Resist the Urge to Hibernate

Pick One Project… and Celebrate!

Yes, winter is here, so let’s discover a fun way to change it up. Minnesota may be known for miserable winters, but we don’t have to be miserable during it.

Realize you don’t have to do all the things—just pick one! We’re calling it “Pick One Project”, or “POP”!
POP is a way to focus on one goal and letting that guide you through the next few months. To help you maintain motivation, celebrate each small win—whether it’s something you did (or didn’t) do!

Here are three ideas.

☐ POP IDEA 1—Stay active and get your winter on!

Frosty the Snowman isn’t the only one who can enjoy a Minnesota winter. Curling up by a cozy fire and sipping a mug of hot chocolate sounds good, but that fire and cocoa will be much more enjoyable if you ‘earned it’.

Glacial Lakes State Park has trails you can enjoy all winter long! You can snowshoe, check out the cross country ski trails, and the snowmobile trails.

Lake Carlos State Park is open for winter fun. They also
have a sledding hill and a warming house so you and your crew can take a break and enjoy some of the cocoa you packed along.

Check out ice fishing contests, fat tire biking, unique winter celebrations, and more at ExploreMinnesota.com.

Celebrate! If you texted a friend to join you on an outdoor adventure, celebrate! Catching up with a friend, and getting fresh outside air is a double win! 🎉

☐ POP IDEA 2—Discover a new hobby.

The winter winds might blow, but you don’t have to let them quench your spirit. Look for ways to keep busy with a new hobby or give back to others. Watch your local community events for concerts or plays, cheer for your hometown team at a high school sporting event, or see what’s happening at the library or through the school’s community education programs.

Winter is also a great time to give back by volunteering at the food shelf, local animal shelter, or other community organizations and events. Start looking around—the opportunities are endless!

Celebrate! You tried something new or rediscovered an “old” way to stay involved with your community, so celebrate this victory! 🎉

☐ POP IDEA 3—Resist the urge to splurge.

Whether your temptation is holiday treats or daily mocha lattes, focus on one victory to celebrate each day. Did you forego the second helping at the holiday buffet? Or you passed up the last spoonful of dessert—ignoring your inner voice that said, “Don’t let it go to waste!” Those are all reasons to celebrate because you chose to watch your waist, instead! As you go into the New Year, maintaining your current waist circumference after the holidays is a huge win and worth celebrating!

Get a head start on your New Year’s resolutions and invest in some self-care by starting a new walking routine or by joining a gym. Some offer a 24/7 hour access membership so you can work out when it fits your schedule. Bring a friend and make it a time to connect!

Celebrate! You made good food choices and continue to keep an eye on your waistline—celebrate EACH time as another POP win! 🎉

While it may be a “Once I’m home, I’m not going out again!” season for some, let it be known that you want to celebrate this winter with your Pick One Project (POP), and watch the doors of opportunity open!


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